All about the Chamber of Commerce number

June 1, 2022

All about the Chamber of Commerce number

You've probably heard of the Chamber of Commerce. This is an important trade register where you are required to register as a company or legal entity. You get a KVK number when you register in this trade register. Your KVK number is a unique number consisting of 8 digits. This number shows that you are officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce and thus your company is official!

When should I use my KVK number?
The KVK number should be used often. This is because with a KVK number you can prove that you are a company. Therefore, you should use this number for business purchases such as the purchase of a car or a business bank account.
You must also include your KVK number so that others can find information about the company they are doing business with. It is therefore mandatory to state your KVK number on:

  • Invoices
  • Quotations
  • Letters
  • Websites
  • Business e-mails

So a Chamber of Commerce number is very important. Want to read more about the Chamber of Commerce? Then read here our article about registering in the KVK.