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ALL-IN Basic: bookkeeping for €2 per day

Obviously, you want to know what you get for that one euro a day. The answer is: a personal bookkeeper who tidies things up for you. 

   ✓    Yearly 100 invoices and receipts processed
   ✓    Quarterly a profit- and loss statement
   ✓    Quarterly VAT return
   ✓    Yearly a balance sheet and profit- and loss statement 
   ✓    Yearly income tax return

Of course, we are available for questions regarding your administration. We are your personal bookkeeper!

Do you have more than 100 invoices? No problem! We'll proces these for a fee per extra invoice. Avoid administrative worries with BamBoek's ALL-IN Bookkeeping Service. We're there for you when you need us.

ALL-IN Complete: bookkeeping for €3 per day

For €2 a day, you already have a lot of extra time on your hands. But what if things could be better? For €1 extra per day, we also process your business bank account.

   ✓    All services from ALL-IN Basic
   ✓    Business bank transactions processed in your administration
   ✓    150 extra invoices and receipts processed, so a total of 250 is included annually

We process your business bank account in your administration. This way, you are sure no invoice or receipt will be missed. This way, we help you save (even more) tax! 

Free of administrative worries for €2 per day

Our ALL-IN Bookkeeping Service offers you, as a self-employed, all the administrative help you could wish for. On the one hand we do this using ultra smart and user-friendly software from renowned companies in our industry. On the other hand we apply our knowledge as your personal bookkeeper. Of course, we check and double check everything we do. Basically, we give you more time. Time to work more or simply do whatever you love to do.
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